We’re not a gym, we’re a boutique. We’re a place of inclusion where, from junior to senior, with so many diverse backgrounds, big and small, we all fit in beautifully together

Gyms usually don’t have scented candles, personalized mats, and a lounge with an sharing library. This fitness boutique does. Ladies: your tribe awaits you!

Whether you are a beginner, or you have a long established exercise routine, if it’s time for a change, let’s get started.

We created this fitness studio based upon the template of YOU. That is, entirely with YOU in mind. This is our idea of who some of YOU may be:

  • a busy woman trying keeping up with life’s demands
  • a woman who’s spent so much time caring for others you’ve had little time for yourself
  • a woman battling through many of life’s adversities
  • a woman out of touch with feeling your best, and wanting that back
  • a woman facing health issues
  • a woman who wants to feel connected with lots of new friends
  • a woman who wants to move forward
  • a woman who wants to grow, thrive and learn in a place with no judgment
  • a woman who just needs some regular time to herself
  • most of all, a woman who wants fun, friends, and (you almost don’t notice) … great fitness results!

We are a place where women can have fun, be friends, feel safe and get the best fitness results to meet your goals.

We think judgment is kinda like a loaded gun. We strongly recommend you don’t carry any, and at very least check it at the door since we are a judgment free zone. In our view, when people move in any healthy way, in any healthy environment, place or mode, we celebrate them!

Fundamental-movement is the basis of physical literacy.  We put the fun back in fundamental-movement.

Proprioception, plyometrics, periodization, pyruvate.  You don’t need to learn a new language to work out, that’s not your job, its our job. When you get an oil change for your car you don’t really want to learn about the whole process.  We are a place where you just show up and start moving.

The outside is unassuming so you hardly know it’s there… but much more on the inside!

The inside is fully equipped.  Put yourself in it, with women who care about you, to make the perfect picture.


We wouldn’t recommend buying a bicycle without at least a test ride, or kicking the tires.  Likewise, we think it is essential that you test any gym to ensure the right fit for you…before joining.  See us for a free tour, assessment, and trial session at no cost. Come on in and kick it, and have some fun, before you decide.  Oh, and one more thing, no contracts, start and stop when you want*.