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Right from the start, try something different, exotic, new, and exciting.  You’ll forget you’re also getting in great fitness. Have a look where you can enjoy fitness close to home, but around the world.  Start every day with a new warm up on a beach in Bali, a path in Machu Picchu, local runs or places you are training for or …(insert your imagination here),   ANYWHERE in the world.


Our studio is fully equipped with brand new state-of-the-art equipment. We have a full scale personal training system, water-rowers, treadmills, weights, benches, suspension trainers, bags, balls and the list goes on.  The only thing missing … is you !  PS. – If we don’t have it and you want it, we listen !  OK so the double-double reality is that you will reach goals but here is the single reality is that you will have to work out.  We make it fun so you forget about the workout part. Before long you will need a shot of studio just after your first shot of coffee.


We’ve worked hard to ensure nothing stands between you and your best, happiest you.  When you are putting in the best work for you, a little extra pampering is a nice lift to help you recognize you are special and deserve it.   Sure the fragrance is nice and the atmosphere is exceptional, but in our studio we provide you with your own mat, with your name on it, that you and only you, will use.   You needn’t bring towels or water bottles… we’ve got you covered with your own personal studio. We take specially pampered to a new level.

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