Just Beat It!

Just Beat It!

Can music enhance your fitness workout? YES!

  • Increases endurance almost 20% longer during your workout, without knowing it. Some studies suggest the right music can increase the length of your workout by 70%. The National Center For Biotechnology Information concluded that music should be judiciously used during triathlon training.
  • Increases physical exertion during your workout, without even knowing it.
  • Elevates your mood during your workout. The level of your pleasure chemical “dopamine” will be higher just listening to music alone.
  • Increases motivation during your workout. When you might have hit the wall, music pleasingly distracts you to go longer.
  • Can assist to coordinate movements.
  • At least for cyclists, may decrease your oxygen intake by as much as 7 %.

Does all music enhance your workout? No, just some.

  • Numerous studies conclude that songs with 120 beats per minute “bpm” are optimal for working out, although treadmill users may favour 160 bpm.
  • The benefits for maximum motivation seem to hit a ceiling at about 145 bpm.
  • Choosing the best music to match your tempo is also important to optimize results.
  • Finally, finding the music that is a best fit for you is also essential.

When you work out, finding the right music with the right bpm, tempo and fit can greatly enhance your workout results, plus its more fun.

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